System Baccarat

Recently, I did a search for baccarat systems and was appalled by the number of con artists offering to sell foolproof methods for beating the game. The reality is that there is no baccarat technique that can guarantee success every time. If someone claims to have a foolproof baccarat system, it’s because they want to sell you something.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any chance at all. Baccarat is a relatively safe wager for a casino game. One of the smallest house edges in the casino might be yours if you play baccarat correctly.


That’s Not Why They’re Ineffective

For a comprehensive rebuttal of betting systems, see my page on the topic. The fact that baccarat betting strategies don’t alter the odds of the game is the main reason why they fail. The player in baccarat has no agency over the outcome of a hand and must play the hand as it is dealt.


In baccarat, a player must choose between betting on the dealer, the player, or a tie. There you have it. In baccarat, once you’ve placed your wagers, you essentially become a bystander. The result is totally dependent on chance.


Some baccarat system vendors will try to sell you on their “secret” method of betting, claiming it will help you win more often than not. They utilize these phrases to make their systems sound more advanced than they actually are. The regulations of the game will remain the same regardless of the magnitude of your bets.


Let’s consider something else; specifically, how many distinct baccarat systems can be found for sale on the internet? After looking for about two minutes this morning, I found six. People are presumably purchasing these systems and putting them to the test. Perhaps they’ll even brag to their pals about the system… If that’s the case, then why is the casino still offering baccarat if they plan to modify the rules? If someone were actually winning all this money, the casino would know about it immediately.


Baccarat Gambling Methods

Although there are many different baccarat systems, there are generally two main categories. The progressive betting system is very popular. All you have to do to use this technique is double your wager whenever you take a loss. The Martingale system is another name for this. People tend to undervalue how simple it is to go on a losing streak and spend a lot of money at the table, making this a highly risky system.


Baccarat systems that use a scoreboard are another option. After a predetermined number of outcomes have occurred, these types instruct you to wager. If a player has won three hands in a row, the system may recommend betting on the dealer. An alternative method could advise you to “ride the streak.”


These baccarat setups are highly suspect. In casino games, the only “streaks” that occur are those that can be seen in retrospect. The next round is always a completely random event, regardless of how many times a given outcome has occurred in the past.


Claims like “we’re not this type of system or that type of system; we’re completely unique” are used to market other types of systems. Those assertions are either wholly unfounded or based on the author modifying a minor detail of other betting systems.


No gambling establishment has ever banned baccarat because of the high frequency of huge winners. Casinos don’t seem to mind if the top rollers spend all night at the baccarat table. However, the house has a small edge in baccarat, so trying a strategy is not out of the question. You could potentially win a large sum of money. All I’m saying is, don’t put your house on the line for some ridiculous “guaranteed winning” system.

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